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GCN Circular 2284

GRB030418: R optical observations
2003-06-17T17:00:55Z (21 years ago)
Graziella Pizzichini at IASF/CNR,Bologna <>
P. Ferrero and G. Pizzichini (IASF-CNR, Bologna),
C. Bartolini, A. Guarnieri, A. Piccioni (Bologna University), 
 and A. De Blasi (Bologna Astronomical Observatory) report:

On 2003, April 18 we observed the optical afterglow of HETE GRB 
030418 (Shirasaki et al., GCN 2210, Price et al., GCN 2148) with 
the 152 cm telescope in Loiano in V, Rc and I.

 Using the star at RA 163.623207 Dec -7.039357 , R = 19.852 +/- 0.245
reported by Henden (GCN 2216), in unfavorable conditions due to the  
moon,  we obtained the following R magnitudes:

     exp time              starting time (UT)          mag
(2 X 600 sec, co-added)   19:31:05 and 19:44:50   R = 20.50 +/- 0.30
(2 X 600 sec, co-added)   20:10:03 and 20:23:05   R = 20.65 +/- 0.29

Our images in .jpg form can be retrieved by sftp using
username: publicGRB
password: GRB_bo

where a log of our recent observations of GRBs error boxes and OTs in 
Loiano can also be found. We plan to update it by adding the list of
previous observations. 
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