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GCN Circular 2311

Konus-Wind detection of the bursts from SGR1806-20 region
2003-07-22T13:47:11Z (21 years ago)
Dmitry Frederiks at Ioffe Institute <>
S. Golenetskii, R.Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin,
D. Frederiks (all Ioffe Institute), T. Cline (NASA GSFC),
and K.Hurley (UCB) on behalf of the Konus-Wind team, report:

A short soft burst was detected on 030719 by Konus-Wind starting at
83914.490s UT. The event had a duration of 0.25s, a soft energy
spectrum ~ E^(-1)exp(-E/Eo) with Eo = 18.5 +/- 1 keV, fluence of 5x10-6
erg sm-2 and peak flux of 3x10-5 erg cm-2 s-1, evaluated both
in 15-300 keV range.

Apparently the burst originates from the SGR1806-20 or from its close
vicinity in accordance with observations of the burst activity reported
in GCN 2306, 2307, and 2308.

Two weak soft events were detected by Konus-Wind in the background
mode on 030720 at 08:07:12 and 22:34:19. The last event was
detected by HETE (H2773). Estimated time delay is consistent with 
SGR1806-20 position.
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