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GCN Circular 2325

GRB030723: Upper limits from historical observations
2003-07-26T06:44:24Z (20 years ago)
Michael Wood-Vasey at UC Berkeley/LBNL/SNfactory <>
GRB030723: Upper limits from historical observations.

W. M. Wood-Vasey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, using images
obtained by R. Bambery, S. Pravdo, M. Hicks, and K. Lawrence
(Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking project, Jet Propulsion Laboratory),
reports historical upper limits for the optical transient for 
GRB 030723 of Fox et. al (GCN #2323) from images taken with the
Palomar Oschin 1.2-m telescope from 2001 Aug 30 -- 2002 Sep 9.

A co-addition of these images (taken 2001 Aug 30, Oct 8, 2002 Jul 29,
Aug 13, Aug 20, Sep 9) shows nothing at this location to a combined
limiting unfiltered magnitude of 21.62 (S/N = 3).

The co-addition is available at:

The quoted magnitude represents a calibration of the unfiltered NEAT
observations to the observed stars in the 0.25 sq. deg field of the
component images to the "red" USNO-A1.0 catalog.

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All dates UT.
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