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GCN Circular 23523

GRB 181126B: KAIT Follow-Up Observations of a Fermi Short GRB (Trigger 564897175)
2018-12-12T19:45:56Z (5 years ago)
Weikang Zheng at UC Berkeley <>
WeiKang Zheng, Keto Zhang, Alexei V. Filippenko, and Sergiy Vasylyev
(UC Berkeley) report on behalf of the KAIT GRB team:

The 0.76-m Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT), located at
Lick Observatory, observed the field of the short GRB181126B (trigger
564897175) detected by the GBM on the Fermi satellite.
More than one thousand galaxies were selected from the
Glade catalog ( according to
their priority score. On 2018 Nov. 26 UT, KAIT observed 236 of them having
top-priority scores, with each clear-filter exposure time being 60 s.
The first image was taken at 07:41:13 UT,  about 3.8 hr after the burst, and
the last image at 11:51:09 UT. Template images were obtained on 2018
Dec. 8 and 9. The images were processed through the KAIT
subtraction pipeline to search for potential optical counterparts.
13 known asteroids were detected, but we found no credible transient
that might be the optical afterglow of this GRB.  None of the 11
transients reported by Ahumada et al. (GCN 23515) was in the field of
view of the KAIT images. Our typical limiting mag is 19.0, although some
fields have a shallower limiting mag owing to moonlight.
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