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GCN Circular 235

Search for Potential Images of GRB 990123
1999-01-27T21:46:09Z (25 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley, UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, on behalf of the
Ulysses GRB team, and C. Kouveliotou, Universities Space Research
Association, Marshall Space Flight Center, on behalf of the BATSE team,

GRB 970627 (=BATSE Trigger #6279), suggested as a possible
gravitationally lensed counterpart to GRB 990123 (Rutledge and
Kulkarni, GCN 234), was detected by the Ulysses GRB instrument and
triangulated to an annulus centered at RA(2000)=153.491,
Decl.(2000)=26.188, with radius 67.841 degrees and 3 sigma width 0.065
degrees.  This annulus intersects the one for GRB 990123 (GCN 222) at
two locations: around RA(2000)=84.055 degrees, Decl.(2000)=+08.531
degrees, and around RA(2000)=234.866 degrees, Decl.(2000)=+37.878
degrees.  Neither error box, nor the annulus for GRB 970627, includes
the optical transient (GCN 206).  (We note that the IPN annulus and the
BATSE error circle for GRB 970627 do not intersect, nor does the BATSE
error circle include the optical transient, but this is not unexpected,
given that the error circle is a 1 sigma location.)  We conclude that
GRB 970627 is not the lensed counterpart of GRB 990123.

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