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GCN Circular 2363

GRB 030824: Candidate Afterglow (or Variable/Flare Star?)
2003-08-25T09:59:50Z (21 years ago)
Jane Moran at U.North Carolina <>
J. Moran, M. Nysewander, D. Reichart, P. Yim, C. Zdanowicz, and J. Reichart
report on behalf of the UNC GRB team of the FUN GRB collaboration:

We are currently observing the error region of GRB 030824 (HETE 2821) with
the 0.6-meter Morehead Observatory telescope in R band through haze and
fog.  We detect a source that does not appear in DSS/POSS-II or 2MASS, at:

RA:  00:04:36
DEC:  19:48:57

This source is near our detection limit, but is clearly visible in most of
our individual frames, which now span many hours.

We tentatively estimate its magnitude to be R ~ 17.  We cannot rule out the
possibility of a variable/flare star.

A more detailed analysis will follow.
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