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GCN Circular 23630

GRB 190106A: GMG spectral results
2019-01-07T10:41:54Z (5 years ago)
Jirong Mao at Yunnan Obs <>
J. Mao, Y.-X. Xin, Y. Li, J.-M. Bai (YNAO), J. Wang, and L. P. Xin (NAOC) report:

We observed the afterglow of GRB 190106A with the 2.4-meter optical telescope at Gao-Mei-Gu (GMG) station of Yunnan Observatories. The spectral observations began about 0.5 hours after the trigger. The spectrum has excellent S/N. Some absorption lines, such as SiIV 1394, SiII 1527, AlII 1671, AlIII 1855/1863, CrII+ZnII 2062, and FeII 2344/2383, were clearly detected. This indicates a redshift of about 1.86, consistent with the result of Xu et al. (GCN. 23629). Moreover, we note a possible broad emission feature around 4500A, and further analysis is ongoing.
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