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GCN Circular 23841

GRB 190202A: McDonald 0.8-m telescope optical observation
2019-02-03T05:22:41Z (5 years ago)
Gregory SungHak Paek at SNU <>
Gregory S. H. Paek, Myungshin Im, Lim Gu, on behalf of a larger

 We observed the afterglow of GRB 190202A (Lien et al., GCN 23830;
Novichonok et al., GCN 23831; Evans et al., GCN 23832; Steeghs et al., GCN
23833; Kuin et al., GCN 23834; Verrecchia et al., GCN 23835; Markwardt et
al., GCN 23836; Veres et al., GCN 23838; Cucchiara et al., GCN 23839; Lien
et al., GCN 23840) with the 0.8-m telescope at the McDonald observatory.
The observation started at 2019-02-02 08:02 UT or about 6.3 hours after the
initial alert.

 The afterglow is detected in R bands, and preliminary magnitudes are
derived, using nearby Pan-STARRS stars as photometry references.

Filter Date UT-start exptime[sec] AB_mag
R    2019-02-02 08:02:05        180*3    19.72 +/- 0.15
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