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GCN Circular 24139

LIGO/Virgo S190408an: INTEGRAL follow-up observations
2019-04-21T23:30:53Z (5 years ago)
Alexander Lutovinov at Space Research Inst.,IKI <>
A. Lutovinov, S. Molkov (IKI, Russia)
V. Savchenko, C. Ferrigno, E. Bozzo, T. Courvoisier (ISDC/UniGE, 
E. Kuulkers (ESTEC/ESA, The Netherlands)
C. Sanchez (ESAC/ESA, Spain)
S. Mereghetti (INAF IASF-Milano, Italy)
D. G��tz, Ph. Laurent, S. Schanne, B. Cordier (CEA, France)
S.Antier, A. Coleiro, A. Goldwurm (APC, France)
J. Rodi, A. Bazzano, L. Natalucci, F. Panessa, F. Onori, P. Ubertini 
(IAPS/INAF, Italy)
J. Chenevez, S. Brandt (DTU, Denmark)
R. Diehl, A. von Kienlin (MPE, Germany)
A. Domingo, J. M. Mas-Hesse (CAB/CSIC-INTA, Spain)
L. Hanlon, A. Martin-Carrillo, M.Doyle (UCD, Ireland)
R. Sunyaev (IKI, Russia)
J.-P. Roques, E. Jourdain, P. von Ballmoos (IRAP, France) report:

The INTEGRAL observatory performed follow-up observations of the
LIGO/Virgo compact binary merger candidate S190408an (GCN #24069)
in the form of the fast TOO operational test.

The observations were carried out from 2019-04-10 11:13:07 to 2019-04-10 
in the staring and hexagonal dithering modes with a total observing time of
approximately 18 ks. They were centred on the coordinates RA=350.2, 
and covered ~42% of the LIGO/Virgo localization probability with the 
highest sensitivity.

We do not detect any new sources in the complete IBIS/ISGRI (25-60 keV)�� 
mosaicked image
with the best sensitivity of 16.5 mCrab (1.6e-10 erg/cm2/s, 3-sigma 
upper level) in this energy range.
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