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GCN Circular 2427

GRB031026 : KISO optical follow-up observation
2003-10-26T13:57:57Z (21 years ago)
Yuji Urata at RIKEN <>
D. Budi(University of Tokyo), T. Nakamura(NAOJ), F. Yoshida(NAOJ), 
T. Aoki and Y. Urata on behalf of KISO GRB Team report;

" We have observed the entire HETE-2 error circle of GRB031026 (=
H2882) with Kiso observatory 1.05 m Schmidt telescope (Kiso
Observatory, Institute of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo). We
obtained Rc-band data sets (300 sec x 3 frames), starting at Oct 26
11:28 UT. The limiting magnitude for each images is about 18 mag.
Comparison with DSS II red images, no new object was detected down to
the limiting magnitude.

Further observation and analysis are in progress."

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