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GCN Circular 2433

GRB 031026: Further Ic Observations
2003-10-29T18:02:47Z (21 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
M. C. Nysewander, J. A. Moran, C. Zdanowicz, D. Reichart (U. North
Carolina) and M. Schwartz (Tenagra Observatories) report on behalf of the
FUN GRB Collaboration:

We twice observed the error circle of GRB 031026 (Bulter et al., GCN 2429)
with the 32-inch Tenagra II telescope beginning 3.9 hours (Nysewander et
al., GCN 2428) and 25.7 hours after the burst.  We covered 99% of the error
circle in four pointings with a total integration time per pointing of 1350
sec for the first epoch and 1500 sec for the second epoch.

Using the image subtraction routine ISIS2 (Alard 2000), we find no
transients to the limiting magnitude of our first epoch image, which we
measure to be Ic = 20.4 mag (3 sigma) using five USNO-B1 stars for

Assuming R_V = 3.1, the Galactic extinction along the line of sight is A_Ic
= 1.5 mag.
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