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GCN Circular 2447

GRB 031111: Optical observations
2003-11-13T23:26:05Z (21 years ago)
Paul Price at RSAA, ANU <>
J. Silvey, D. Allen, R. Canterna (U. of Wyoming) and P.A. Price
(IfA) report on behalf of the FUN GRB collaboration:

We observed the error box of GRB 031111 (Hurley et al., GCN #2443) with
the RBO 0.6m telescope.  Exposures consisted of 28 individual 300 sec
exposures in I-band under cloudy conditions.  Our images cover an
estimated 98% of the error box at a mean epoch of 2003 Nov 13.2 UT (1.5
days after the GRB), down to an estimated limiting magnitude of R ~ 18.5
mag (on comparison with USNO-A2.0).  We do not detect any optical
afterglow candidate on visual comparison with the DSS 2 N plate.

No further observations of this GRB are planned.

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