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GCN Circular 24551

LIGO/Virgo S190426c: AMI-LA radio observations of ZTF19aassfws
2019-05-15T10:10:21Z (5 years ago)
Lauren Rhodes at Oxford <>
L. Rhodes, R. Fender, D. Williams, J. Bright (Oxford), K. Mooley (NRAO, Caltech; Jansky Fellow), A. Horesh (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), D. Green, D. Titterington (MRAO) and the JAGWAR collaboration.

We observed the position of the reported GW190426c afterglow candidate: ZTF19aassfws (D. A. Perley et al. GCN 24331) with the AMI Large Array at a central frequency of 15.5GHz. We started observing on 2019 May 10.16 for 4 hrs. We find no significant radio emission at the coordinates of ZTF19aassfws and therefore report a 3 sigma upper limit of 177uJy.

We thank the MRAO staff for scheduling these observations.
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