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GCN Circular 245

GRB990123, Upcoming HST Service Observations
1999-02-03T15:03:58Z (25 years ago)
Steven Beckwith at STScI <>
Steven Beckwith on behalf of STScI reports:

Owing to world-wide interest in GRB 990123, the Space Telescope 
Science Institute will carry out imaging observations with the
HST STIS \ CCD 50CCD (clear filter), dithered, using 3 orbits of Director's 
Discretionary Time as a service to the community.  The observations are 
scheduled to start Monday, 8 February at 23:06:54 UT, and finish Tuesday, 
9 February, 03:21:43 UT.  In the spirit of a cooperative multiwavelength
attempt to better identify and understand the nature of gamma-ray bursts, 
the HST data will be publicly available with no proprietary period 
immediately upon placement into the HST Data Archive, within a day or two 
of the observations.  When we know the exact time of placement in the 
Archive, we will post it.
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