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GCN Circular 2464

GRB 031203 XMM-Newton observation
2003-12-04T07:10:37Z (21 years ago)
Norbert Schartel at XMM-Newton/ESA <>
M. Santos-Lleo and P. Calderon report:

Quick-Look-Analysis of the XMM-Newton observation of the
GRB031203 field (D. Gotz et al. GCN 2459), based on
4 ks and 6 ks exposures in the EPIC pn and MOS cameras,
respectively, shows the presence of two sources within the
INTEGRAL error circle, with the first one much closer
to the INTEGRAL position than the second.

S1 (J2000): R.A. = 8h 2m 30.3s  Decl. = -39deg 51'  2.4"
with an estimated EPIC/pn count rate of 0.1 [counts/sec];

S2 (J2000): R.A. = 8h 2m 20.8s  Decl. = -39deg 52' 16.2"
with an estimated EPIC/pn count rate of 0.04 [counts/sec]

At this stage of reduction the position error is expected to
be less than 6".
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