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GCN Circular 24745

GRB190530A: Photometric follow-up with GROWTH-India telescope
2019-06-04T18:04:50Z (5 years ago)
Harsh Kumar at Indian Inst of Tech,Bombay <>
D. Nandi, Abhinand V, H. Kumar, M. Khandagale, V. Bhalerao(IITB), G. C.
Anupama, J. Stanzin (IIA) report on behalf of the GROWTH collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB190530A reported by Fermi GBM Team (GCN 24676)
at 2019-06-01.635 and 2019-06-02.685 UT with the 0.7m GROWTH-India
telescope. The images were taken in r filter. We detect a very faint source
at position Ra: 08h 02m 07.73s, Dec: +35d 28m 47.7s. Photometric results
obtained are as follow:-


 MJD(Start)| Exposure(s) | Stacked   | Filter | Mag | Magerr |


58635.636 | 600  | No | r | 20.118 | 0.14 |

58636.685  | 5*500 | YES | r | 20.48 | 0.11 |


Magnitudes are calibrated with panstarrs in the same field. Photometric
results are found to be in agreement with (Lipunov et al., GCN 24680; Kann
et al., GCN 24684; Heintz et al., GCN 24686; Izzo et al., GCN 24687; Xin et
al., GCN 24688; Watson et al., GCN 24690; Lipunov et al., GCN 24693; Xin et
al., GCN 24697; Belkin et al., GCN 24698; Kann et al., GCN 24700;Vinko et
al., GCN 24709; Siegel, GCN 24703; Moskvitin and Uklein, GCN 24708; Belkin
et al., GCN 24712; Brajesh et al., GCN 24729). Using data of
above-mentioned GCNs along with GIT data, we found that source is fading
with a power law index of 1.52.

The fitted curve can be found here:

The GROWTH India Telescope (GIT) is a 70-cm telescope with a 0.7 degree
field of view, set up by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and the
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay with support from the Indo-US Science
and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and the Science and Engineering Research
Board (SERB) of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government
of India ( It is located at the
Indian Astronomical Observatory (Hanle), operated by the Indian Institute
of Astrophysics (IIA).
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