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GCN Circular 2482

GRB 031203: Magellan spectrum of possible GRB host
2003-12-06T17:45:15Z (21 years ago)
Josh Bloom at Harvard/CFA <>
GRB 031203:  Magellan spectrum of possible GRB host

J. X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick Observatory), J. S. Bloom (Harvard/CfA), H.W.
Chen (MIT), K. Hurley (UCB), A. Dressler (OCIW) and D. Osip (LCO)

"Using the recently commissioned IMACS on the Baade telescope we obtained
a 300l grating spectrum of the galaxy laying within 1" of the VLA position
(Frail, priv. comm.) of the radio source in the XMM error circle
(Santos-Lleo & Calderon #GCN 2464) of the INTEGRAL-discovered GRB 031203
(Gotz et al. GCN #2459).

The spectrum covers 4100-9100 Ang and shows strong, extended emission
lines including Hbeta, [OIII], Halpha, [SII].  All of these lines are
consistent with a redshift z=0.105 (uncorrected for heliocentric motion)."

Data products will be released at as they become available.

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