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GCN Circular 24971

LIGO/Virgo S190701ah: KMTNet Observation
2019-07-03T08:13:50Z (5 years ago)
Joonho Kim at Seoul National U. <>
Myungshin Im (SNU), Joonho Kim (SNU), Chung-Uk Lee (KASI), Seung-Lee Kim
(KASI), Gregory S. H. Paek (SNU), Gu Lim (SNU), Changsu Choi (SNU),
Sungyong Hwang (SNU), Sophia Kim (SNU), Bomi Park (SNU), Hyung Mok Lee
(KASI), on behalf of a larger collaboration

We observed the 70% credible region (~34 deg^2) of the localization map of
the BBH merger candidate, S190510g (LIGO/Virgo GCN 24950) with KMTNet
at Chile (CTIO) starting at 2019-07-02 09:03:19 UT. The images were taken in
R-band with 240 sec exposure time to the depth of R ~ 22 mag
(5-sigma detection). The central coordinate of each 2 deg x 2deg pointing is
given below. The search for transients is ongoing.

target   ra   dec
G331903-0   02:34:29.0   -05:50:16
G331903-1   02:26:10.6   -07:50:16
G331903-2   02:34:14.0   -07:50:16
G331903-3   02:26:27.3   -05:50:16
G331903-4   02:25:32.5   -09:50:16
G331903-5   02:33:38.3   -09:50:16
G331903-6   02:35:21.2   -03:50:16
G331903-7   02:27:20.6   -03:50:16
G331903-8   02:24:59.4   -11:50:16
G331903-9   02:36:13.6   -01:50:16
G331903-10  02:33:08.1   -11:50:16
G331903-11  02:28:13.6   -01:50:16

We thank the KMTNet observers for performing the observation.
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