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GCN Circular 2531

GRB 040223: REM IJK Observations
2004-02-24T10:02:32Z (20 years ago)
Daniele Malesani at SISSA-ISAS,Trieste,Italy <>
G.L. Israel, S. Covino, G. Tosti, V. Testa, M. Stefanon, E. Molinari, P. Conconi,
F.M. Zerbi, G. Chincarini, M. Rodono', L.A. Antonelli, G. Cutispoto, L. Nicastro,
L. Burderi, S. Campana, C. Campeggi, G. Crimi, R. Cunniffe, J. Danziger, A. Di Paola,
A. Fernandez-Soto, F. Fiore, F. Frontera, D. Fugazza, G. Gentile, G. Ghisellini,
P. Goldoni, B. Jordan, D. Lazzati, D. Lorenzetti,  D. Malesani, E. Martinetti,
N. Masetti, R. Mazzoleni, B. Mc Breen, A. Melandri, S. Messina, E. Meurs, A. Monfardini,
G. Nucciarelli, M. Orlandini, J. Paul, E. Palazzi, E. Pian, P. Saracco, S. Sardone,
A. Simoncelli, L. Stella, G. Tagliaferri, M. Tavani, S. Vergani, and F. Vitali, report:

The REM telescope, currently in commissioning phase, observed the field
of the INTEGRAL GRB 040223 (Gotz et al., GCN 2525) starting on February 24
at 06:05 UT (16.6 h after the burst). Several 1-minute exposures were acquired
in the H and Ks bands with the REMIR Infrared camera, as well as in the I band
with the ROSS slitless imaging spectrograph. The seeing was approximately 1.5".

No transient was found in any of the collected images, with the following upper limits:

I  > 17.0
H  > 15.5
Ks > 15.0

A more refined analysis is in progress. Given the high Galactic extinction
towards this line of sight (A_V ~ 6 mag, A_K ~ 0.6 mag), we encourage
further NIR observations.

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