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GCN Circular 25374

LIGO/Virgo S190814bv: No candidates from DCT galaxy targeted search and observations of DECam-GROWTH candidates
2019-08-16T21:58:42Z (5 years ago)
Simone Dichiara at UMCP/NASA/GSFC <>
S.Dichiara (UMD, NASA-GSFC), E. Troja (UMD, NASA-GSFC), S.B. Cenko
(NASA-GSFC), P. Gatkine (UMD), A. Kutyrev (UMD, NASA-GSFC), J.M. Durbak
(UMD), S. Veilleux (UMD), Gabriele Minervini (INAF-IAPS), Roberto Ricci
(IRA Bologna) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed LIGO/Virgo S190814bv (Mo et al, GCN Circ. 25324) using the
Large Monolithic Imager (LMI) on the 4.3m Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT)
at Happy Jack, AZ. Observations started on August 16, 10:06:18 UTC (about
1.54 days after the detection) with SDSS i and r filters. We selected the
sample of galaxies from the GLADE v2.3 catalogue (Dalya et al. 2018). We
observed 11 galaxies within the 90% error volume of S190814bv obtaining
3x90 sec exposures for each field in i-band and r-band The locations of the
galaxies observed are:

RA(J2000)     DEC (J2000)       Filter
00:53:14.256  -25:36:49.68    i,r
00:51:17.208  -25:32:01.32    i,r
00:50:52.416  -25:34:37.56    i,r
00:53:24.864  -25:49:36.48    i,r
00:51:36.648  -25:56:31.92    i
00:51:03.456  -25:58:56.64    i
00:51:15.768  -25:57:39.24    i
00:52:54.792  -26:02:28.68    i
00:52:41.880  -26:04:04.08    i
00:52:59.016  -26:03:03.60    i
00:50:01.104  -26:18:07.20    i

Comparing our images against the archival Pan-STARRS images, we do not
detect obvious counterparts. Our limiting magnitude is ~22 AB mag in each

We also observed some of the candidates reported by Andreoni et al. (GCN
Circ. 25362). We detect the sources with the following magnitudes:

Name    Start Time (UT)  Exposure  Filter    AB Mag
DG19sevhc  11:15:19       2x60       z'    19.72 +- 0.03
DG19sevhc  11:18:12       2x60       i'    20.13 +- 0.04
DG19qabkc  11:21:39       2x60       z'    20.64 +- 0.09
DG19wgmjc  11:25:09       2x60       i'    20.88 +- 0.07

We note that the candidate DG19sevhc has a red color and appears to have
brightened by ~0.7 mag in z band.

Further observations are planned.

We thank the staff of the Discovery Channel Telescope in particular Ishara
Nisley for assistance with these observations.
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