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GCN Circular 25414

Fermi GBM-190816: Upper limits from IceCube neutrino searches
2019-08-20T20:43:26Z (5 years ago)
Raamis Hussain at IceCube <>
IceCube Collaboration ( reports:

Searches [1,2] for track-like muon neutrino events detected by IceCube
consistent with the sky localization of the joint gravitational-wave and
GRB candidate Fermi GBM-190816 in a time range of 1000 seconds [3] centered
on the GW event time (2019-08-16 21:13:53.027 UTC to 2019-08-16
21:30:33.027 UTC)
have been performed.  During this time period IceCube was collecting good
quality data. No significant track-like events are found in spatial
of Fermi GBM-190816 calculated from the map circulated in GCN 25406.

IceCube's sensitivity assuming an E^-2 spectrum (E^2 dN/dE) to neutrino
point sources within the locations spanned by the 90% spatial containment
of the combined map of Fermi GBM-190816 and the GW event candidate ranges
from  0.029 to 1.15 GeV cm^-2 in a 1000 second time window.

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is a cubic-kilometer neutrino detector
operating at the geographic South Pole, Antarctica. The IceCube realtime
alert point of contact can be reached at

[1] Bartos et al. arXiv:1810.11467 (2018) and Countryman et
al.arXiv:1901.05486 (2019)
[2] Braun et al., Astroparticle Physics 29, 299 (2008)
[3] Baret et al., Astroparticle Physics 35, 1 (2011)
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