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GCN Circular 25416

LIGO/Virgo S190814bv: RATIR Optical observations of DECam transients
2019-08-20T21:20:46Z (5 years ago)
Simone Dichiara at UMCP/NASA/GSFC <>
Simone Dichiara (GSFC/UMD), Eleonora Troja (GSFC/UMD), Alan M. Watson
(UNAM), Nat Butler (ASU), Rosa L. Becerra (UNAM), Diego Gonzalez (UNAM),
Alexander Kutyrev (GSFC/UMD), William H. Lee (UNAM), Margarita Pereyra
(UNAM), Gabriele Minervini (INAF-IAPS) and Tanner Wolfram (ASU) report:

We observed the field of the optical transients detected with DECam
(Goldstein et al., GCN Circ. 25393; Herner et al. 25373) with the
Reionization and Transients Infrared Camera (RATIR; on the
1.5m Harold Johnson Telescope at the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional on
Sierra San Pedro Martir from 2019/08 20.30 to 2019/08 20.50 UTC, obtaining
a total of about 10 minutes exposure on each field  in the r band.

We detect the following candidates with magnitudes:

DG19sbzkc     07:16:14  1280    20.87 0.21
DG19gcwjc     08:18:23  1280    19.53 0.06 (a)
desgw-190814e 08:57:59  1200    18.14 0.03 (a)
desgw-190814c 09:28:55  1120    20.13 0.08
DG19rzhoc     10:03:38  1280    19.11 0.04 (a)
DG19kpykc     10:35:55  1200    18.28 0.03 (a)
DG19hqhjc     11:17:00  1280    20.79 0.12

(a) the object is in the central part of the galaxy

Photometric measurements are contaminated by host galaxy light.

We also observed at the position of DG19wlpmc and DG19rtekc, but we do not
detect any object down to a magnitude of ~22 and ~21, respectively.

These magnitudes are in the AB system and are not corrected for Galactic
extinction in the direction of the source.

We thank the staff of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional in San Pedro
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