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GCN Circular 2590

GRB040511: Optical Observations
2004-05-12T11:43:43Z (20 years ago)
D. Bhattacharya at Raman Research Inst. <>
Brijesh Kumar*, Arti Goyal*, Ram Sagar* and D. Bhattacharya** 
(*  Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital)
(** Raman Research Institute, Bangalore)


Optical observation of the field of GRB 040511 (HETE trigger #3218,
GCN 2588) was carried out using a 1k x 1k CCD Camera covering a field of 
6'x 6', mounted on the 104-cm Sampurnanand telescope located at Aryabhatta
Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Manora Peak, Nainital. We
took frames at 20:17 UT on 11 May, 2004 (7.16 hours after the burst) at
large (about 5.4) airmass. We obtained three 300s R band images.

Visual comparison of the combined images with the USNO-A2.0
catalog does not reveal any new source down to a limiting magnitude 
of R ~ 19.5 inside the 2.67 arcmin error circle around the position 
reported by HETE SXC (GCN 2588). Images can be obtained from the authors

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