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GCN Circular 264

BATSE Flight Anomaly
1999-02-22T23:06:10Z (25 years ago)
Jerry Fishman at NASA-MSFC <>
Jerry Fishman (PI BATSE team, MSFC) reports:

The BATSE instrument on the Compton Observatory is experiencing an anomaly
which began sometime about 12:00 UT, 2/22/99, TJD 11231.  Indications are
that it is being caused by a soft fault (single event upset) in the flight
software.  Preparations are underway to restore BATSE to normal operation,
hopefully by ~20:00 UT, 2/23.  Any triggered data from BATSE should be
ignored until the problem is rectified.

[GCN OP NOTE:  This anomaly is most noticable in the C1 and BC rates
listed in the BATSE-MAXBC Notices.  It also effects the Intensity field
which has seen some rather large values.  Obviously, since the rates
in the MAXBC data are corrupted, the locations derived from those rates
is completely invalid.]
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