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GCN Circular 26510

LIGO/Virgo S191213g: YAHPT Observations of AT2019wxt(PS19hgw)
2019-12-20T08:35:57Z (5 years ago)
Tianrui Sun at Purple Mountain Obs,CAS <>
Tianrui Sun, Jian Chen, Lei Hu, Fan Li, Ye Yuan, Yanning Fu, Yue Chen, Kelai Meng, Ye Li, Xuefeng Wu (PMO), Wenxiong Li, Xinghan Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang (THU), Lifan Wang (PMO and TAMU) on behalf of a large collaboration. 
We report the photometric measurements of AT2019wxt (PS19hgw, GCN 26485). 
The observations were using the YaoAn High Precision Telescope at Yaoan observation station of Purple Mountain Observatory, located in Yunnan Province, China (101.1811�� E, 25.528��N).
Our observations used the Ic filter for five 180 sec exposures, starting at 14:52:20.540 UTC and ending at 15:07:46.980 UTC on Dec 19 2019.  
After median combine and image subtraction, the forced photometry (AB) result is Ic=19.59+/-0.07 calibrated with the PS1 catalog.
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