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GCN Circular 26768

LIGO/Virgo S200114f: No counterpart in targeted WHT/ACAM imaging
2020-01-15T11:23:31Z (4 years ago)
Morgan Fraser at University College Dublin <>
A. Inkenhaag (Radboud Univ.), M. Fraser (University College Dublin), P. 
Jonker (SRON/Radboud Univ.)
R. Karjalainen (ING), A.J. Levan (Radboud Univ.), K. Maguire (Trinity 
College Dublin), I. Pastor Marazuela (Univ. Amsterdam) report for a 
larger collaboration:

We obtained deep imaging of a number of nearby galaxies within the sky 
localisation of the unmodeled gravitational wave burst S200114f (GCN 
26734). Galaxies were selected from the list provided by the HOGWARTS 
code (Salmon et al. arXiv:1912.07304); as no distance information is 
available from the GW waveform we targeted galaxies that were closer 
than 30 Mpc.

Deep (6x100s) r-band imaging was taken with the William Herschel 
Telescope + ACAM on 2020 Jan 15.1 UT. Visual comparison to PanSTARRS 
reference images reveals no obvious transients, however as the WHT 
images are deeper than those from PanSTARRS we are limited to the depth 
of the latter. We will obtain a further epoch of deep ACAM imaging over 
the coming nights that will allow us to perform difference imaging 
against these observations.

We thank the Isaac Newton Group staff and director for facilitating 
these observations.

The list of targeted galaxies follows

UGC03755������ 07:13:51.600 +10:31:14.16
NGC2350�������� 07:13:12.192 +12:15:57.60
UGC03658������ 07:04:40.080 +17:34:57.36
UGC03587������ 06:53:54.960 +19:17:58.56
UGC03876������ 07:29:17.520 +27:53:52.80
UGC03602������ 06:55:26.880 +15:56:03.84
PGC020981���� 07:25:38.880 +09:10:59.70
UGC03974������ 07:41:55.200 +16:48:11.16
PGC2807004�� 07:30:59.280 +08:00:01.80
PGC020554���� 07:16:36.120 +29:36:38.16
UGC03516������ 06:43:08.400 +22:52:27.12
PGC021614���� 07:42:31.920 +16:33:41.40
UGC03672������ 07:06:27.600 +30:19:19.20
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