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GCN Circular 2703

Optical observations of field of GRB040912
2004-09-13T00:40:23Z (20 years ago)
AAVSO GRB Network at AAVSO <>
B. Monard (Bronberg Obs.) reports on behalf of the AAVSO
International GRB network:

Observations of the HETE error circle for GRB040912
(Butler et al., GCN 2701; HETE trigger 3557)
were made with the Bronberg 0.30m telescope + unfiltered CCD.
Fifty-five 28-second exposures with UT midpoint of 040912.813 (5.3hrs
after the burst) were stacked, with a limiting magnitude
of 20.2CR (based on USNO-A red magnitudes).  The field was
centered at the revised ground analysis coordinates, with
a field of view of 20arcmin(E/W) x 13arcmin(N/S), covering
all but the extreme north and south limits of the error circle.
No new object is seen down to approximately CR=19.5 when comparing
against a DSS2-red image.

  The AAVSO International GRB network is greatful for a generous grant
from the Curry Foundation and to NASA for the financial support for the
High Energy Workshops for Amateur Astronomers.
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