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GCN Circular 27082

LIGO/Virgo S200213t: Lulin Follow-Up Observations
2020-02-15T17:18:22Z (4 years ago)
Albert Kong at NTHU <>
K.L. Li, A.K.H. Kong (NTHU), C.-C. Ngeow, H.-J. Tan, W.-H. Ip (NCU)

On behalf of the Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients
Happen (GROWTH) collaborations

From 2020-02-14 11:03:25 to 2020-02-14 13:08:23 UT, we used the Lulin
One-meter Telescope (LOT) at Lulin Observatory, Taiwan to follow up
five candidate electromagnetic counterparts (GCN #27051, #27065) of
the LIGO/Virgo event S200213t (GCN #27042). For each target, g'-, r'-,
and i'-band imaging data were taken (240 sec for each band). Here are
the summary of the result. Preliminary photometry (AB) was obtained by
calibrating with the PS1 catalogue.

AT2020cja: g=20.37+/-0.10, r=20.58+/-0.14, i=21.02+/-0.51
AT2020cls: g>18.9, r=21.12+/-0.32, i=20.97+/-0.37
AT2020clt: g=21.47+/-0.24, r=19.34+/-0.04, i=19.98+/-0.12 (the result
may be unreliable because of the host background)
AT2020clu: g=20.80+/-0.14, r=20.79+/-0.15, i=21.19+/-0.47
AT2020clw: g=21.46+/-0.42, r=21.09+/-0.22,i=20.75+/-0.37

We thank the support from the Lulin team for our ToO request.
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