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GCN Circular 2715

GRB040916: Optical observations
2004-09-16T14:28:07Z (20 years ago)
AAVSO GRB Network at AAVSO <>
P. Kilmartin & A. Gilmore (Mt. John Observatory of University of
Canterbury) reports on behalf of the AAVSO International High Energy

 Two sets of frames centered on the coordinates for GRB040916 (Yamamoto et
al., GCN 2712;  HETE trigger 3558) show a stationary object not visible on
DSS2 R and IR images, at:

          RA = 23 01 44.01 Dec = -05 39 11.3 (2000.0) 

 Unfiltered R magnitudes at mean times
         08:29 UT  19.7  S/N = 2.8
         09:54 UT  19.9  S/N = 3.3

 Observations were made under clear conditions with the 0.6 meter
cassegrain telescope with f/6.4 focal reducer on Mt. John. Seeing was
approximate 3 arcsec and limiting magnitude roughly 20.5 in R. The USNO
A2.0 catalog in Astrometrica was used for photometry and astrometry
reduction. CCD field of view was 9x9 arc minutes.

 More information on the exposure and the FITS image itself is available

 Note, there are many red sources in the field and these observations are
unfiltered so there is a strong possibility that this OT candidate is just
a faint red source.

  The AAVSO International High Energy network is greatful for a generous
grant from the Curry Foundation and to NASA for the financial support for
the High Energy Workshops for Amateur Astronomers and to the SWIFT E/PO
program for continued funding.
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