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GCN Circular 2734

GRB040924 (H3564): Optical afterglow candidate
2004-09-24T13:04:49Z (20 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
D.B. Fox and D.-S. Moon report on behalf of a larger collaboration:  

"We have imaged the localization region of GRB040924 (HETE Trigger
3564) with the robotic Palomar 60-inch telescope and CCD imager in the
R-band.  Comparison of a subset of these images to the digitized sky
survey reveals the presence of a new, bright, stationary source that
shows evidence of variability over the span of our observations.  The
coordinates of the source relative to the GSC-2.2 are:

    RA 02:06:22.45,  Dec +16:06:48.72  (J2000)

where the uncertainty in these coordinates is less than 2 arcsec.  The
source has R>~17 in our images."
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