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GCN Circular 2760

SGR 1806-20 still active
2004-10-04T09:46:14Z (20 years ago)
Diego Gotz at IASF-CNR <>
D. Gotz, S. Mereghetti (IASF-Milano) and F. Mirabel (SAP, Saclay) report:

The soft repeater SGR 1806-20 continues to be in an active bursting state.
Six bursts have been detected by IBAS during INTEGRAL Galactic Center Core
Program observations, performed between September 30 and October 2, 2004.

Burst times, approximate durations, and fluences (15-100 keV) are reported

Time UT				Duration (s)	Fluence (erg cm-2)

2004-09-30T13:03:42.07		0.3		4.0E-8
2004-10-01T06:03:29.81		0.2		5.0E-8
2004-10-01T18:45:53.28		0.1		4.5E-8
2004-10-01T22:03:13.29		0.1		1.2E-7
2004-10-02T02:47:29.10		0.15		1.5E-7
2004-10-02T10:10:26.96		0.2		4.5E-7

Being the source very active, IBAS Alert messages regarding SGR 1806-20
are still disabled.

This message can be cited.
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