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GCN Circular 276

GRB990316 - Optical null results
1999-03-17T14:59:23Z (25 years ago)
Elia Leibowitz at Wise Obs, Tel Aviv U <>
P. Ibbetson, E.O. Ofek and E.M. Leibowitz report:
 On March 16 1999, some 7.5 hours after the outburst of GRB990316 (Trigger Num.
 7475), using the 1 m telescope of the Wise Observatory, we have taken 5 CCD
 frames of 900 seconds exposure and FOV of 11x11 arcmin^{2} each, through an R
 filter. Together they cover a square box of nearly 0.3x0.3 deg^{2} around
 RA=10:06:16  Dec=-05:13:31 (J2000), at the mean UT 17:34. We have not
 identified any new object relative to the corresponding DSS images, up to a
 limiting magnitude of 19.5. Within a box of 11x11 arcmin^{2} around the
 central point the limiting magnitude is 19.9.
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