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GCN Circular 2772

GRB041006,optical observation
2004-10-06T19:58:10Z (20 years ago)
Shouta Maeno at U.of Miyazaki <>
(University of Miyazaki)

"We have observed the field covering the error box of 
GRB041006(HETE trigger 3570  trigger time 12:18:08UT) with 
the unfiltered CCD camera on the 30-cm telescope at University
of Miyazaki.
The observation was started at 12:21:59 UT on Aug.6.
Observed field of view is 43 arcmin centered on R.A.=00h 55m 35.23s
Dec=+01d 13' 33.4".

The preliminary magnitude of new source is about 16.8mag. compared
with the USNO-A2.0 catalog.

The new source locates in the same position reported by G.da Costa et al.
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