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GCN Circular 2799

GRB 041006: SARA afterglow observations
2004-10-13T01:08:37Z (20 years ago)
Dieter Hartmann at Clemson.U <>
Scott Shaw (UGA), Autumn Homewood, Dieter H. Hartmann (Clemson)

Report on behalf of the Follow-Up-Network (FUN) GRB collaboration:

We observed a 6x6 arcminute field centered on the optical afterglow (GCN

2765, 2766) of GRB 041006 (=H3570) discovered by HETE (GCN 2770)
with the SARA 0.9 m Telescope at KPNO. Observations were carried out
under good seeing conditions with the AP7 CCD. We obtained 25 minutes
of exposure each in B and R, and 70 minutes in V. Observations started
at UT Oct. 7.6216, and ended Oct 7.7065. We do not detect the afterglow
in either the B-band or the R-band, but do detect it in V. Our B-band
limit is
estimated as B > 19.8, based on field star photometry described in GCN
The estimated R-band limit is R > 19.5, based on photometry described in

GCN 2782. The detection in the V-band yields a preliminary magnitude,
on photometry described in GCN 2789, of V = 20.9 +/- 0.2 (statistical

The SARA home page can be found at

This message may be cited, but we caution that the final photometry
remains to
be carried out with a larger set of calibration stars.
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