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GCN Circular 28009

IceCube-200620A: INTEGRAL was inactive at the time of the event
2020-06-22T14:04:20Z (4 years ago)
Volodymyr Savchenko at ISDC,U of Geneve <>
V. Savchenko, C. Ferrigno (ISDC/UniGE, Switzerland)
S. Mereghetti (INAF IASF-Milano, Italy)
J. Rodi (IAPS-Roma, Italy)
A. Coleiro (APC, France)
on behalf of the INTEGRAL multi-messenger collaboration:

The INTEGRAL spacecraft has a highly elliptical orbit and the
instruments are not acquiring science data during perigee passage,
every 2.6 days to prevent radiation-induced damages. Unfortunately, at
the time of the IceCube-200620A (2020-06-20 03:03:32, GCN27997) the spacecraft was
preparing to the start the observations after the perigee passage
between the orbits number 2241 and 2242 and no scientific instrument
data are available between 2020-06-19T22:20:06 and 2020-06-20T08:40:00.
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