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GCN Circular 2802

GRB041006: Optical observations and Potential host galaxy
2004-10-14T10:17:18Z (20 years ago)
Johan U. Fynbo at U.Copenhagen <>
J. P. U. Fynbo, B. L. Jensen, K. Pedersen, D. Watson, P. Jakobsson, 
G. Bjornsson, J. M. Castro Cer�n, H. Pedersen, J. Hjorth 
(U. Copenhagen), D. Zucker (MPIA) and T. Pursimo (NOT) report:

"We have observed the field of GRB 041006 (Galassi et al., GCN #2770) 
at two epochs with the 2.56m Nordic Optical Telescope using the 
MOSCA instrument (R-band). At the position of the afterglow (Costa et 
al., GCN #2735), we detect the following:

Date (UT 2004) | t_b+  | exptime     | Seeing |  mag.
Oct. 06.96       10.8h   300s+3x600s   ~0.8"    R~20.5
Oct. 11.18      112.2h   5x600s        ~1.9"    R~23.6

The photometry is relative to the magnitude of a nearby star
as measured by Henden (GCN #2801). The source is clearly extended in 
the 2nd epoch image (although the seeing was poor), so the potential
host galaxy is most likely contributing most of the flux.

A section of the 2nd epoch image can be seen at ."
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