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GCN Circular 28149

GRB 200716C: FRAM-ORM afterglow detection
2020-07-21T09:04:42Z (4 years ago)
Martin Jelinek at Astro.Inst-AVCR,Ondrejov <>
Martin Jelinek and Jan Strobl (ASU CAS Ondrejov, CZ),
Sergey Karpov, Martin Masek, Petr Janecek, Jakub Jurysek,
Jan Ebr, Ronan Cunniffe, Petr Travnicek and Michael Prouza
(Institute of Physics, Prague, CZ)


The 25cm robotic telescope FRAM-ORM at La Palma (Spain)
reacted robotically to the alert of GRB200716C (Ukwatta
et al GCNC 28124), obtaining a series of 20s unfiltered
images starting at 22:58:17.9 UT, i.e. 36.5s post trigger.

We clearly detect the source reported by other telescopes
(Ukwatta et al GCN 28124, Lipunov et al GCN 28125, Hu et al
GCN 28126) as it rises slowly. The brightness of the object
reaches maximum several minutes after the trigger with R =
16.1 and then it decays until the end of our dataset 2.4 h
after the trigger.
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