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GCN Circular 283

1999-03-23T22:55:15Z (25 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley, on behalf of the Ulysses-GRB team, T. Cline and E. Mazets,
on behalf of the KONUS and NEAR GRB teams, report:

Ulysses, KONUS-WIND, and NEAR observed a weak, ~20 s long gamma-ray
burst on March 21, 1999, which was not observed by BATSE.  The
Earth-crossing time for this event was 16012 s UT.  Triangulation
results in two positions, one of which may be eliminated due to the
directional response of the two KONUS detectors.  (The eliminated
position is also consistent with no BATSE detection, as it is
Earth-blocked for CGRO.)  The remaining error box is rather large
(dimensions ~6'x40') due to the weakness of the burst.  The preliminary
error box corners are given below and the geometry may be viewed at  Some improvement is possible.

   RA(2000)               DEC(2000)
12 H 49 M 36.00 S      +80 D 05 M 59.72 S
13 H 01 M 33.51 S      +79 D 37 M 25.99 S
13 H 22 M 05.19 S      +79 D 03 M 18.34 S
13 H 31 M 36.26 S      +78 D 30 M 29.37 S
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