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GCN Circular 284

1999-03-25T18:23:52Z (25 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley, T. Cline, S. Barthelmy and E. Mazets, on behalf of the
Ulysses-GRB, GCN, KONUS and NEAR GRB teams, report:

Ulysses, BATSE, KONUS-WIND, and NEAR observed BATSE trigger 7491
(GRB990323) and obtained a precise position for it. Triangulation using
the 1 s BATSE/GCN data results in a ~45 sq. arcmin. error box.  The
corners are given below and the geometry may be viewed at (but be aware of the distortion in
this plane projection near the poles).  We note that this error box is
approximately 7.7 degrees from the BATSE Locburst position (and
therefore inconsistent with it), but only 3.1 degrees from the intitial
GCN location (and probably consistent with it).  At this point, we are
unable to account for this discrepancy, but we point out that  RXTE did
not scan the IPN error box.

   RA(2000)               DEC(2000)
22 H 26 M 33.82 S     -77 D 11 M 29.67 S
22 H 31 M 06.66 S     -77 D 09 M 45.98 S
22 H 20 M 32.13 S     -77 D 09 M 43.41 S
22 H 25 M 04.90 S     -77 D 08 M 23.45 S

This position can be improved.
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