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GCN Circular 28561

INTEGRAL sub-threshold detection of GRB 201006A
2020-10-06T07:51:46Z (4 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF-Milano/INAF <>
S.Mereghetti (INAF, IASF-Milano), D.Gotz (CEA, Saclay),  C.Ferrigno,
E.Bozzo, V.Savchenko (ISDC, Versoix), L.Ducci (IAAT, Germany and ISDC,
and J.Borkowski (CAMK, Torun) report:

GRB 201006A detected by Swift (Gropp et al., GCN 28560) has been also
revealed as a sub-threshold GRB by IBAS  in the  IBIS/ISGRI data. The
corresponding WEAK type Alert Packet with the burst position was
distributed in real time  (Alert n. 8745).

The burst coordinates (J2000) obtained with the offline analysis of the
IBIS/ISGRI data are:

R.A.= 61.9045 deg
DEC.= +65.1478  deg

with an uncertainty of 3 arcmin (90% c.l.).
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