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GCN Circular 28891

Swift-XRT observations of IceCube 201114A
2020-11-15T16:51:03Z (4 years ago)
Timothee Gregoire at Penn State <>
D.F. Cowen (PSU), J. DeLaunay (PSU), D. B. Fox (PSU),
A. Keivani (Columbia U.), J.P. Osborne (U. Leicester),
F. Krauss (PSU), T. Gregoire (PSU), P.A. Evans (U. Leicester),
J.A. Kennea (PSU) and H. A. Ayala Solares (PSU) report:

Swift observed the field of IceCube 201114A (GCN Circ. 28887) between 16:50:06
2020 November 14 and 21:26:27 on 2020 November 14, collecting a total of 3.7 ks of
cleaned photon counting (PC) mode data. The observations used a 4-point tiling
pattern with a radius of ~0.3 degrees.

We found 2 X-ray sources, as detailed below. All of these are unknown but with
count rate consistent with the previous non-detections. We therefore do not
claim any of them as the likely counterpart to IceCube 201114A.

The 3-sigma upper limit in the field was in the range 8-10 x 10^-3 ct/sec.

The detected sources were:

Source no:   1
RA (J2000):  104.52092 [degrees] = 06h 58m 05.02s
Dec (J2000): +5.8679 [degrees] = +05d 52' 04.3"
Error:       +5.5 [arcsec, 90% conf. radius]
Count rate (0.3-10 keV): 4.1 (+3.9, -2.4) x 10-3 ct s-1
Flux (0.3-10 keV):       1.8 (+1.7, -1.0) x 10-13 erg cm-2 s-1

Source no:   2
RA (J2000):  104.92274 [degrees] = 06h 59m 41.46s
Dec (J2000): +5.7601 [degrees] = +05d 45' 36.4"
Error:       +6.6 [arcsec, 90% conf. radius]
Count rate (0.3-10 keV): 8 (+5, -3) x 10-3 ct s-1
Flux (0.3-10 keV):       3.3 (+2.1, -1.5) x 10-13 erg cm-2 s-1
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