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GCN Circular 28979

Swift observations of the Fermi-LAT source 4FGL J0206.4-1151 in the error region of IceCube-201130A
2020-12-02T14:17:04Z (3 years ago)
Timothee Gregoire at Penn State <>
T. Gregoire (PSU), F. D'Ammando (INAF-IRA Bologna), D. B. Fox (PSU), A.
Keivani (Columbia U.), J.P. Osborne (U. Leicester), F. Krauss (PSU),
P.A. Evans (U. Leicester), J.A. Kennea (PSU), H. A. Ayala Solares (PSU),
D.F. Cowen (PSU) and J. DeLaunay (PSU) report:

Swift observed the location of 4FGL J0206.4-1151, the Fermi-LAT source
closest to the location of IceCube 201130A (IceCube Collaboration; GCN
Circ. 28969) for 4.0 ks between 14:42 UT and 18:05 UT on 2020 December

The source is detected by XRT at RA, Dec = 31.6094, -11.8440 (degrees)
which corresponds to:

RA (J2000):  02h 06m 26.25s
Dec (J2000): -11d 50' 38.1"

With an uncertainty of 6.4 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence). This
position is 2.8 arcmin from the position of the flat spectrum radio
quasar PMN J0206-1150, that is associated to the gamma-ray source 4FGL
J0206.4-1151 in the Forth Fermi LAT source catalog (Abdollahi et al.
2020, ApJS, 247, 33).

The X-ray spectrum (0.3-10 keV) can be fit by an absorbed power law
model with a HI column density consistent with the Galactic value in the
direction of the source (n_H = 1.7 x 10^20 cm^-2, Ben Bekhti N. et al.,
2016, A&A, 594, A116) and a photon index of 1.7+/-0.7. The corresponding
0.3-10 keV flux (unabsorbed) is 1.6 (+1.1, -0.4) x 10^-13 erg cm^-2

Simultaneous UVOT observations were performed on 2020 December 1 and the
source is detected above 3 sigma in all UVOT filters. The measured
magnitudes (Vega system) are V = 19.48 +/- 0.42, B = 19.68 +/- 0.21, U =
18.99 +/- 0.17, W1 = 19.24 +/- 0.18, M2 = 19.30 +/- 0.11, and W2 = 19.21
+/- 0.11.
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