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GCN Circular 2900

GRB 041219c: PROMPT Observations
2004-12-23T23:25:48Z (20 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
Melissa Nysewander, Matt Bayliss, Andrew Foster, and Dan Reichart report on
behalf of the U. North Carolina team of the FUN GRB Collaboration:

We imaged an 11.7 arcmin x 11.7 arcmin field near the center of the
localization of GRB 041219c (Markwardt et al., GCN 2886) for 70 x 60 sec in
V beginning 29.0 hours after the burst with PROMPT Telescope 3 at CTIO.

Visual comparison to POSS2-Red reveals no obvious transients. Calibration
to 10 NOMAD-V stars yields a 3-sigma limiting magnitude of V = 20.4 at a
mean time of 30.0 hours after the burst for this region.  Our image can be
found at:

Construction and commissioning of PROMPT Telescope 3 began only three days
prior to this burst.  Despite this, the observations were conducted
completely remotely from La Serena.
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