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GCN Circular 2960

GRB050117: Palomar WIRC Ks-band observations
2005-01-18T07:53:11Z (19 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
Derek B. Fox and S. Bradley Cenko (Caltech), with Eric J. Murphy
(Yale) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"We have imaged the XRT localization region (Hill et al., GCN 2955) of
GRB050117 (Burrows et al., GCN 2951; Sakamoto et al., GCN 2952) with
the Hale Telescope + WIRC camera at Palomar Observatory, in the
Ks-band, from 03:15 to 03:47 UT on Jan 18, with mean epoch 14.7 hours
after the burst.  Comparison of our individual images to the 2MASS
Atlas reveals four 2MASS catalog objects, and no new sources to the
Ks~16 mag depth of that survey, within the XRT localization region.

Further analysis of these images is ongoing."
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