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GCN Circular 29640

GRB 171205A: Continued ATCA observations
2021-03-10T08:47:32Z (3 years ago)
James Leung at U of Sydney/VAST <>
James Leung (University of Sydney/CSIRO), Emil Lenc (CSIRO), Tara
Murphy (University of Sydney), Giancarlo Ghirlanda (INAF/Brera),
Ziteng Wang (University of Sydney/CSIRO)

We have been monitoring the late-time radio emission of GRB 171205A
(V. D���Elia et al., GCN Circ. 22177) centred on the optical
counterpart position (L. Izzo et al., GCN Circ. 22180) with the
Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA). The observations took place
on 2021 March 7 (1171 days or 3.21 years post-trigger) at 2.1, 5.5
and 9.0 GHz frequencies. We report the detections below:

Date (UTC) | Freq (GHz) | Peak Flux Density (micro-Jy/beam)
2021/03/07 | 2.1        | 554 +/- 92
2021/03/07 | 5.5        | 293 +/- 35
2021/03/07 | 9.0        | 179 +/- 28

Ongoing observations are planned. 

We thank CSIRO staff for supporting these observations during these
especially difficult times.
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