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GCN Circular 2965

CFHTLS optical transient unlikely to be a GRB
2005-01-19T22:03:53Z (19 years ago)
Paul Price at IfA,UH <>
P.A. Price (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii) reports:

Inspection of archival 2MASS images reveals detection of a source
coincident with the position of the transient detected by Malacrino et
al. (GCN #2964) in the CFHTLS.  The source is detected at 4-sigma
significance in the J-band, and 2-sigma in the H-band.

Rough photometry yields: J ~ 17.3 mag, H ~ 16.5 mag, K > 16.1 mag (3
sigma limit).

The J-H colour of this (presumably quiescent) source is consistent with
that of an M dwarf.  These observations suggest that the source is
likely a flaring M star.

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