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GCN Circular 30217

GRB 210610B: ALMA detection
2021-06-12T00:00:13Z (3 years ago)
Tanmoy Laskar at U of Bath <>
T. Laskar (University of Bath), K. D. Alexander (Northwestern), C.
Kilpatrick (Northwestern), G. Schroeder (Northwestern), W. Fong
(Northwestern), E. Berger (Harvard), R. Margutti (Northwestern), C. G.
Mundell (University of Bath), and P. Schady (University of Bath) report on
behalf of a larger collaboration:

"We observed GRB 210610B (Page et al. GCN 30170) with the Atacama Large
Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) beginning on 2021 June 11 at 06:21:02
UT (10.5 hr after the burst) at 90.5 GHz. Preliminary analysis reveals a mm
source with flux density of ~ 0.9 mJy at position:

RA (J2000) = 16:15:40.410 (+/- 0.005)
Dec (J2000) = +014:23:56.70 (+/- 0.01)

consistent with the X-ray position (Osborne et al. GCN 30189) and optical
position (Page et al., GCN 30170; Kumar et al. GCN 30174). Follow-up
observations are planned.

We thank the JAO staff, AoD, P2G, and the entire ALMA team for their help
with these observations."
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