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GCN Circular 3023

GRB 050215b, BOOTES-1B optical limit
2005-02-15T04:23:01Z (19 years ago)
Martin Jelinek at Inst.Astrophys.Andalucia,Granada <>
Martin Jelinek, Javier Gorosabel, Alberto J.
Castro-Tirado, Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, (IAA CSIC,
Granada), Petr Kubanek, Rene Hudec (ASU AV CR Ondrejov)
and Stanislav Vitek (FEL CVUT Praha). report:

We have imaged the error box of Swift's GRB 050215b
[trigger #106107], with the BOOTES-1B facility in
southern Spain. Comparison with the GSC-2 catalogue does
not reveal any new source. We report the following
3-sigma magnitude limits 25.6 minutes (mean obs. time)
after trigger:

	V > 16.5  
	I > 15.0

on our 600s exposures. 

[GCN OPS NOTE (15feb05):  Per author's request, the 050215c was changed 
to 050215b (since the HETE trigger earlier turned out to not be a real GRB.)]
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