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GCN Circular 30574

GRB 210731A: GROND observations
2021-08-01T16:26:36Z (3 years ago)
Ana Nicuesa at TLS Tautenburg <>
A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, S. Klose, S. Schmidl (all TLS Tautenburg)
and A. Rau (MPE Garching) report:

We observed the field of GRB 210731A (Swift trigger 1062336; Troja et
al., GCN 30568) simultaneously in g'r'i'z'JHK with GROND mounted at
the 2.2m MPG telescope at ESO La Silla Observatory (Chile).

Observations started on 01-AUG-2021 at 02:33 UT, about 4.2 hours after
the GRB trigger. They were performed at an average seeing of 1.0
arcsec and at an average airmass of 1.1.

At a meantime of 2:46 UT, for the GRB afterglow (de Wet et al,
GCN 30570; Kuin et al., GCN 30572) we measure the following AB

g' = 18.71 +/- 0.01 mag,
r' = 18.44 +/- 0.01 mag,
i' = 18.19 +/- 0.01 mag,
z' = 18.01 +/- 0.01 mag,
J  = 17.66 +/- 0.02 mag,
H  = 17.38 +/- 0.02 mag, and
K  = 17.14 +/- 0.15 mag.

Optical magnitudes are calibrated against the Pan-STARRS catalog,
NIR magnitudes against 2MASS stars in the field.

After correcting for a Galactic foreground reddening of E(B-V)=0.09
mag (Schlegel et al. 1998), the SED is a power-law with no evidence
for extinction by dust in the GRB host galaxy.

We thank Sam Kim for excellent support and for performing the
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