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GCN Circular 30882

IceCube-210922A: JCMT/SCUBA2 observations
2021-09-26T12:09:36Z (3 years ago)
Kuiyun Huang at IANCU/NTNU <>
Y. Urata and K. Huang on behalf of a larger collaboration

We observed the field of IceCube-210922A (GCN Circ. 30862) using
Scuba-2 attached to JCMT. The observation was started at 2021/09/24
13:15 UTC and SCUBA-2 imaged the field centered at RA 04:02:55.200,
Dec -04:10:48.00 with 50 arcmin diameter.

There is one bright submm source with ~70 mJy/beam at 850um not listed
in the Planck catalog of compact sources.

The position is
RA  04:02:05.362
Dec -04:24:28.80

Within the JCMT beam (14 arcsec), there are two catalog sources,
WISEA J040205.29-042428.5 and NVSS J040205-042434.
Based on the Pan-STARRS1 images, there are no optical sources.

Additional monitoring observation with Scuba-2 is scheduled.
Further detailed multi-wavelength investigation of the source is encouraged.

We would like to thank Harriet Parsons and JCMT staff.
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